Scientists have found a protein that controls weight

Experts from the University of Rochester in the framework of recent studies have discovered a protein that is responsible for the development of adipose tissue in the human body.

The substance was named Thy1. Protein in control cells that can turn into fat tissue. Drug design based on protein can help to get rid of obesity millions of people around the world.

One only America has captured more than 60 million cases of clinical obesity, hazardous to health. Excess weight is the result of a lack of physical activity. Improper nutrition, stress, genetic factors also influence the formation of extra pounds.

Protein Thy1, scientists say, has a certain influence on the formation of adipose tissue. Note, a substance known to scientists for over 40 years, but its function at the molecular level remained unknown until the last moment.

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In experiments with laboratory mice, scientists proved that animals deprived of their substance Thy1, grew fat considerably faster than their relatives from the control group treated with fatty foods.

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