Scientists have found a plant that kills for 16 hours 90% of cancer cells

Maybe the doctors will get a new drug for the treatment of cancer. The plant Artemisia Annua, or "annual Wormwood" has a strong effect against cancer cells. The normal extract of the weed, as it turned out, kills 98% of cancer cells in 16 hours. This is indicated by the results of the experiment, researchers from the University of California.

Now the question is how wormwood can be adapted for use in modern medicine. The combined use of herbal medication with traditional treatment, experts say, can reduce the risk of recurring cancer by almost a third.

In Artemisia Annua contains artemisinin. Previously this substance was used in the fight against malaria. However, recent studies showed its effects on cancer cells.

Artemisinin, according to the received data, controls the development of the tumor, slowing it down. Yesterday the company "Sanofi" made a statement that he was going in the very near future to move production of 50-60 tons of artemisinin each year.

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