Scientists have found a number of factors, which decrease youth women 10 years

It is known that a healthy diet, correct routine and constant rational physical activity - is the key to youth and beauty for everyone. Unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits shorten lives and lead to the development of various diseases that worsen the appearance.

It was conducted before the study, during which scientists estimate, how many years away bad habits from their youth. In addition, it was found, what environmental factors affect the condition of the external and internal health of the average woman.

The study involved women of different nationalities, skin color, hair. It turned out that the abuse of alcohol, fatty foods from fast food, Solarium, reduces a woman's life by an average of ten years.

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A study conducted earlier, argues that housework has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system of women. Often this is due to the intense pace of life and constant fatigue due to work.

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