Scientists have found a new way to protect the skin from solar radiation and radiation

Russian and Ukrainian researchers have discovered a new way to protect the skin from solar radiation. Found the connection is absolutely safe for humans, non-toxic and has a high efficiency.

Specialists from Tomsk State University, together with colleagues from the Institute of General and inorganic chemistry and the Institute of Microbiology and Virology of NAS of Ukraine set: particles of cerium dioxide protects the skin from the action of solar radiation. Now in protective creams are used nanocrystal dioxide titanium dioxide and zinc. Recent studies prove the effectiveness of these substances is relatively low. In some cases dioxide zinc and titanium dioxide may even increase the effect of solar radiation.

In another study, researchers found damage to the nervous tissue and lymphocytic cells with frequent use modern creams. While cream-based ceria are undergoing preclinical testing. It is assumed that their efficacy and safety will be several times higher than the existing analogues.

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