Scientists have found a new tool against anthrax

Anthrax is a terrible and probably the most well-known infectious disease. Mortality from it exceeds all conceivable limits. This disease is considered to be defeated, however, given its dangers, and new treatments are being developed still.

As a means against anthrax scientists propose to use a giant bacteriophage (a virus of Zams). A bacteriophage is a virus that live in the cells of bacteria and leading to their death. In some cases, these viruses are used to treat bacterial infections. The virus of Zams scientists have found the zebras who died from anthrax in Etosha national Park (Namibia).

The peculiarity of the bacteriophage is its size. Experiments have proved its effectiveness against a number of bacteria, including anthrax and gastrointestinal diseases.

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The deciphering of the genetic component of the virus of Zams allowed to select a single enzyme that destroys pathogenic bacteria. It is believed that drugs based on it can be one of the options for the treatment of anthrax, and bacteriophages will be applied in medicine along with antibiotics.

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