Scientists have found a new risk factor for autism

Reproductive health of mother affects the chances of having a child with autism. The presence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in pregnant women significantly increases the risk of the disease in the child. The results of the study writes Science World Report.

The researchers analyzed data on more than 23 birth of thousands of children with autism and obtained information was compared with the control group, including more than 200 thousand healthy children. It turned out that the risk of autism in children born to mothers with polycystic ovaries, increased by 59%. Additional risk was recorded if the mother has concomitant obesity.

According to one speculation, the reason lies in the violation of hormonal background. Imbalance of female hormones in polycystic ovary affect the health of the fetus and the performance of its development. In the future, experts say, the information gathered will help in the development of methods for diagnostics of autism.

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