Scientists have found a new lever of influence on antibiotic resistant flora

It is known that every second of bacterial cells produce thousands of chemical molecules. This is one of the most simple and sophisticated ways of interaction between living organisms on the planet. Scientists compare the cellular interaction with a complex computer program, written by nature. The language of chemical bonds is one of the reasons prosperity bacteria, writes The Herald Morning. It allows faster to form a resistance to antibiotics.

Scientists believe that the impact on the mechanism of communication of bacteria will develop advanced preparations against the reproduction of the flora. If the bacteria will learn to perceive the environment and dispose of chemicals from a cell, the process of their development will slow down.

Traditional medicines completely block the communication between bacteria. But this approach greatly changes the behavior of pathogenic bacteria, further contributes to the formation of antibiotic resistance. Selective blocking of the signals of the cells will increase the effectiveness of therapy several times, scientists say.

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