Scientists have found a link between the risk of developing diabetes and blood women

Experts conducted a study in which it was possible to reveal the relationship between the development of diabetes and blood women. Diabetes type II diabetes is a disease that depends on many factors, including genes, lifestyle, diet, level of daily physical activity. Blood group, scientists believe plays a role in the formation of disease.

Only the study involved 80 thousand women from France. Least affected by diabetes are women with first blood. The second group of blood increased the risk of developing pathology at 10%, the third at 21%, the fourth - 17%, when comparing with the first group.

An impact rhesus factor. Scientists lead by example. When the second group of blood with a negative rhesus factor the risk is increased by 22%, while the second is positive, the risk is 17%.

Apparently, blood group determines the course of inflammatory diseases in the body. Cell damage, experts say, may be one of the reasons for developing diabetes.

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