Scientists have found a link between the activity of the mother and her child activity

Scientists have discovered an interesting correlation: it turns out that active mothers are more active children are born. The data were confirmed in the study, 500 mothers and their children at the age of four. Scientists measured using sensors Registrar heart rate indices of children and their mothers. It was concluded: the physical activity of the child is largely dependent upon the activity of the mother.

However, there is also a second glance. Don't forget that moving children require more attention and care. Every extra minute of active life, statistics, increases the activity of the child by 10% compared with the mother. The activity of the mother within one hour increases the activity of the child for 6 minutes.

Another study has shown that with increasing age of the child parents ' activity is reduced. The main reason lies in the large number of household chores and Affairs. Scientists advise parents to efficiently use their time to keep in shape at the proper level.

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