Scientists have found a link between pain threshold of the person and presence of a certain gene

Researchers from Washington studied the DNA at 2721 person with constant chronic pain. Patients received pain medication, which consisted of opioids.

According to a study, 9% of the volunteers had reduced pain threshold, and 46% moderate balenoptera, 45% were highly sensitive to pain.

One third of subjects with low pain threshold was found DRD1 gene. The version of the gene, DRD2, were more frequent in the group, among people with a high threshold of pain perception.

In the study, scientists were able to establish that a number of genes involved in the formation of the individual of his personal pain threshold. The process involved genes COMT, DRD2, DRD1 and OPRK1.

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Scientists believe that due to the ratio of these four genes, in the future it will be possible to assess the ability of each individual to undergo pain. This will help in the rational prescription of analgesics and anesthesia.

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