Scientists have found a link between IQ man and his genes

Researchers from the University of Florida has established that IQ level is directly related with certain genes in human DNA. It turns out that the statement "geniuses are not born, they become" may be rebutted.

Scientists have proven that IQ level can be predicted by an analysis of some human genes. The data were confirmed in the study, with the participation of families simultaneously native and remembers the child. Children were tested at school, 18 and 26 years. Quite often, the intelligence of two sisters or brothers living together since birth, was very different.

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It turns out that part of the brain is not formed under the influence of education, and on the basis of gene activity. Scientists believe that the IQ of the parents can be transmitted to children. However, this information is not yet confirmed, but without the learning of the child and a good education, a chance to grow genius is rapidly reduced.

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