Scientists have found a link between economic development and the level of happiness of the citizens

Scientists examined the trajectory of happiness in different countries of the world and their relationship with economic development of each state. As it turned out, the economy plays a role in the welfare of the citizens.

Psychologists from America and the United States conducted a survey of residents in 160 countries worldwide and found: the path of happiness in the United States and Western Europe has a U-shaped form (on a scale of x - the age of respondents, on a scale of the Y - level of happiness). Middle-age indicators of happiness in these countries tends to a minimum.

In developing countries, including Russia, the countries of the former USSR, the maximum level of happiness is celebrated in childhood and youth, then the satisfaction level slowly decreases. Not last role is played low pensions and poor social protection of elderly citizens.

In Africa the level of life satisfaction is kept at minimal levels throughout life, because of the extremely low level of the economy of most countries of the southern continent.

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