Scientists have found a link between diabetes and inflammation in the body

Scientists from the Research Institute Hagedorn has established a strong link between inflammatory processes in the body and diabetes mellitus of the second type. Particularly strong inflammation observed in the early stages of disease development. The data were confirmed in the studies of the pancreas of mice with genetic obesity. This factor predisposing to the development of diabetes.

The research proved a major difference not only in the healthy functioning of the pancreas and cancer diabetic, but the difference in the level of inflammation in the body. Macrophages are one of the main indicators of inflammation. Their number at the beginning of the disease in mice was 12 in each islet of Langerhans (this structure produces insulin). In the control group of healthy mice, this indicator was at the level of 1-2 cells.

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With the development of diabetes was also aggravated the condition of the gland. Inflammation has progressed. Scientists believe that the information obtained can be used in the development of modern methods of treatment of diabetes. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs will help to maintain the function of the pancreas.

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