Scientists have found a genetic basis responsible for sex determination

American biologists detailed study of microRNA. In this genetic structure only 20 nucleotides, the function of which encode proteins. Nucleotides, inter alia, responsible for the operation of certain genes.

In recent studies scientists have found differences in the structure of microRNAs in flies-Drosophila females and males. This genetic basis is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics insects - their size and color. Females are larger than males, they have a greater number of segments and a different color.

Signals sent microRNA define the process of growth and development of sperm and egg cells. Without microRNA flies, fruit flies would be futile. The data were confirmed when scientists turned off the genetic structure. This has resulted in flies with secondary sexual characteristics of both male and females.

It is known that microRNAs have in humans. The researchers plan further research to better understand the mechanisms of formation of the floor.

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