Scientists have found a gene that makes humans evolved large brains

In the process of evolution, nature has relied on the development of the human brain. Indeed, the winding structure and a large amount of enable modern man to perform complex operations and to invent new technologies. Scientists have recently found a gene that determined the direction of development of mankind, writes Current Biology.

In human DNA is a gene HARE5. He plays the role of an amplifier and a modifier of another gene. It is through this structure that we owe such a complex structure of the human brain.

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Scientists conducted an experiment in which made a change in the DNA of mouse embryos, embedding him in gene HARE5. As a result, the brain of mice increased by 12% compared with the control group. Note that the same experiment with monkeys did not produce results. Scientists believe that the experience gained can be used in the development of new methods for the treatment of complex diseases with unclear mechanism of development, such as autism and Alzheimer's disease.

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