Scientists have found a gene that affects the development of blood cancer

Oncology is a promising branch of medicine that is constantly evolving. Scientists and physicians interested in the reasons for the development of tumors, their treatment, the relationship between the factors and mechanisms of cancer processes.

Research conducted by geneticists their Laboratory, cold springs Harbor, proves the existence of a specific gene, which enhances the development of acute myeloid leukemia, writes Zee News.

The gene for the development of cancer, was named the ICC. This gene triggers the synthesis of proteins associated with tumor cell growth. As a result of developing the disease, which is characterized by a high degree of metastasis and rapid growth.

The disease is not treatable in 70% of cases. However, experts are constantly looking for ways therapy data oncological processes. Today the creation of the first developments in clinical trials. In the future, it may be created tools that will help in getting rid of this form of leukemia in 100% of cases.

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