Scientists have found 12 genes associated with developmental disorders

Researchers from Britain conducted an analysis of genomes 1133 children with various disabilities and their parents. Has identified 12 genes that have a defined relationship with heart defects, seizures, problems with mental development, reports Zee News. While the degree of influence of these genes on the disease it is difficult to establish the work in this direction are underway.

The vast majority of malformations are felt already at birth or fetal stage of development. Vices is a multifactorial pathology, a certain influence on the part of the diseases have a genetic mutation and malfunctioning genes.

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Scientists do not intend to rest on our laurels and to conduct genetic analysis of 12 thousand families. Global study would consider the most serious defects and the role of genes in their formation. It is quite possible that in the future these diseases can be diagnosed at an early stage and to adjust the genome to avoid pathology.

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