Scientists have formulated most likely cause the death of human civilization

A group of physicists from the United States believes that the main source of danger for humanity that could lead to the complete destruction of our civilization in the future will be devoid of consciousness artificial intelligence.

Experts believe that the basis for the formation of biological life-forms may be not only carbon, but silicon.

In this regard, active research in the area of creating so-called artificial intelligence, which are carried out in complete isolation from the problems of consciousness, and without taking into account obvious differences in the methods of information processing in living organisms and computer systems, causes the researchers great concern.

According to one of participants of initiative group, the fact that we do not have full information about what can go wrong during the creation of such systems does not mean that we should not seriously consider. Because the artificial intelligence, being devoid of any moral and ethical constraints, it is capable of leading mankind to destruction.

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