Scientists have figured out why older people are worse at remembering information

Many elderly people complain of poor memory and easy switching of attention. The human body is not eternal, and with age to keep in mind thoughts is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, older people's phone numbers, to-do list for the day, names and dates of birth of friends. About it writes The Daily Mail.

All scientists have collected data on 30 thousand persons aged 18-69 years. Volunteers who have downloaded a special app on the phone, he viewed his ability to memorize information. With each level the required amount of memory the brain increased.

The essence of the game was to memorize the location and number of red lights on the screen. After a certain point lights up yellow lights, which had to be ignored. Young people cope with such levels much better. Elderly easily distracted, they needed more time in the passing game.

Scientists suggest that you train your memory to keep it to old age. Studies indicate that regular exercise help to achieve notable success in memorizing information.

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