Scientists have exposed the tea with raspberries

Raspberries are my favorite berry in any family because he deserved status effective natural medicines, which, unlike conventional drugs, can be treated without any restrictions. Even more popular was found tea with raspberries, because many believe that this combination has magical properties in the struggle with any respiratory disease. Almost every family in the winter-prepared dry leaves of this berry or a jar of raspberry jam.

Indeed, a tea with raspberries is an effective means of combating colds. Many believe that raspberry jam is a carrier of medicinal properties.

However, the opinion of scientists is the opposite of narrow-minded reasoning. They give raspberries mild antipyretic abilities that are slightly soften the symptoms of the common cold. But the miraculous properties of specialists found in tea. Fluid replacement helps the patient to "withdraw" the infection from the body.

It is important during treatment to prevent spreading the infection throughout the body from the oral and nasal cavity. Therefore, the most effective procedure in the treatment of cold - inhalation. Berry with this task will fail, and herbal medicine will not be superfluous because of the medicinal properties of plants.

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