Scientists have explained why you should not follow the life of former social networks

Many people after a breakup use social networks to monitor your ex's life, his personal life. Scientists warn that such behavior only prolongs the anxiety and suffering associated with separation. The result is a vicious circle. Instead of building their own lives and finding new partners, people fixate on lost love. This reduces the confidence and even more depressing, The Daily Mail reports.

In total the study involved 150 men and 281 female, the age of the subjects ranged from 18 to 42 years. Scientists have studied types of attachment to people and put the information gathered on the propensity of each volunteer to the surveillance of the former.

The study showed that continuous use of Facebook to view the personal life of former partners only exacerbates the situation. Particularly hard for former watched people invest a lot in relationships, with a strong attachment to the person.

Psychologists warn that such behavior does not help to get over a breakup, only increases the time required for rehabilitation after relations.

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