Scientists have explained why you need to strictly follow the sleep mode

Scientists have proven that a lack or excess of sleep definitely affects memory in the future. Disturbed sleep impairs the process of remembering information, says Business Standard. Scientists give an example: if you sleep more than nine or less than five hours per day, reducing memory is faster for two years in the framework of human life.

Ideally, an adult needs seven hours of sleep to recuperate after a usual day. With increasing duration of sleep for two hours, you receive certain harm to the brain.

Note, previously, scientists from the American Academy of sleep medicine has proved that the extra couple hours of sleep a night increases the risk of developing diabetes, obesity and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

According to experts, strict adherence to the sleep mode improves the quality of life after 45 years. The data were confirmed in the analysis of medical accounts 54 thousand people. It turned out that every third person was suffering from lack of sleep, 2/3 slept seven to nine hours, only a small portion exceeded the threshold of sleep 10 hours a day.

The study found a link between unhealthy sleep and chronic illnesses, disorders of attention, memory. Doctors advise to pay attention not only to nutrition, exercise, and sleep and wakefulness.

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