Scientists have explained why you can't eat on a full stomach

A group of researchers from the University of Illinois, under the leadership of graduate student David Gala has published findings that eating it on an empty stomach. Only in this case the processing of glucose in the body is working in the right mode, writes the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research.

In total the study involved 45 volunteers who offered to eat a portion of carbohydrates on a full or empty stomach. With a sense of satiety an additional portion of food was sharply raised the level of glucose in the blood. Sugar was kept at a consistently high level for a long time.

This was not observed in the group of volunteers who ate the portion of food on an empty stomach. The survey results show clear correlations of feelings of hunger and an indicator of glucose in the blood. Thus, not only the degree of fullness of the stomach can tell the body that it is time to eat.

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