Scientists have explained why women gain weight

The life of modern women in the past few decades has been greatly simplified. With the advent of microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and other equipment perform tasks around the house ceased to take so much energy. This is reflected in the figure of many Housewives, according to scientists from the University of Manchester and University of London.

Now Housewives spend on housework 20% less time than in the 1980-ies. All the hard work fell on the shoulders of technology. Hand wash is not necessary, there is a washing machine. Steam cleaners have replaced hand washing of floors. Meanwhile, per hour with a rag burned 200 calories in one chocolate bar.

Yet over the past two decades people have begun to spend more on food money. Constant snacking in combination with low physical activity leads to weight gain and the development of diseases associated with this condition: diabetes mellitus, angina pectoris, diseases of joints and spine, atherosclerosis, writes The Daily Mail.

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