Scientists have explained why women gain weight for the winter

Scientists from the UK did a study and proved that women for the winter trying to enter pounds and shed them for the spring-summer period. Most likely, winter is an opportunity to relax and to cover up the flaws in the form of excess weight layer of winter clothing.

Only the survey involved two thousand people. About 60% of the respondents admitted that in winter, forget about the intense workouts and strict diets, often allow myself to sit in front of the TV, eat something delicious and harmful.

The phenomenon be explained quite simply. Winter clothing hides all the flaws. Interestingly, in winter, women are less likely to resort to hair removal, pedicure, since these parts of the body in winter, hidden from prying eyes. Excellent reasons to relax.

The main reason for this behavior women's winter shortening day length, which quickly exhausts and leaves less time to take care of ourselves.

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