Scientists have explained why the people of Holland high

The average height of women from Holland - 171 centimeter, men - 184 centimeters. The change in the growth of people from different countries, experts say, is inevitable and continuous process. 150 years ago the highest people lived in the other side of the world, in the United States.

Scientists from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine tried to explain why among the Dutch spread tall, and for the last 200 years the average growth in the country rose by 20 centimeters.

Analysis of data on 100 thousand inhabitants of the country have shown over the past two centuries the highest fertility was observed in tall families. The gene for tall height are passed from generation to generation until it was to meet nearly every citizen of the Netherlands.

The phenomenon supports the theory of evolution and natural selection. Tall men easier to find a partner for family life, and high growth has always been associated with health. Scientists say that the increase in the average rate of growth in the country may be temporary, and after a while you can decline.

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