Scientists have explained why the full moon is harder to fall asleep

Experts from Canada sure: sleep greatly depends on the lunar phase. During the full moon phase of deep sleep decreases. That is why the person wakes up sluggish, with a feeling that sang at night. The most pronounced effects the moon has on the female gender.

Researchers from Toronto proved that the moon is full is required two times more time to sleep. If in ordinary days, women need 25-30 minutes to go to sleep, then in the full moon this process is delayed until 52 minutes and even up to an hour. Among men, the researchers obtained similar data (30 and 60 minutes).

Scientists advise all sensitive to weather changes people go to bed early, if the Moon is in its full phase. Then you can reduce the risk of sleep to a minimum.

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Scientists believe that insomnia in the full moon is associated with the evolutionary mechanisms. During the full moon occurs tide waters of the ocean. In ancient times it meant easy prey fish. Apparently, the old man never slept in a full moon that was partially inherited by modern man.

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