Scientists have explained why salt is dangerous for the body

Researchers from America claim: excessive consumption of salt with food can cause the development of a number of diseases and even early death. Salt is particularly harmful to the cardiovascular system.

Some organizations are active in the fight against grocery giants to those indicated on the packaging of the actual salt content and the percentage of the substance of daily needs. While only in a few cases producers make concessions. This is mainly companies that produce eco-friendly food.

The daily intake of salt is 5 grams. This is one teaspoon without slides. However, this provision comply with a few. Sausage, cheese, bread, cookies – all contains salt. Allow the salt intake to normal, you can, if you give up fast food, say scientists.

Mortality from diseases of the cardiovascular system can be reduced by 18%, if you give up foods with high salt content. Note that a complete rejection of sodium chloride is also undesirable.

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