Scientists have explained why people grow more slowly than other mammals

Scientists have solved the mystery and were able to explain why a baby grows very slowly, if the growth rate compared with other mammals. All the matter in the high power requirements and the blood brain: children of the nervous system requires two times more glucose to five years old, if we compare the data with the results of the adult person. This explains why the growth rate of the person more close to reptiles than mammals.

Experts used data obtained in the examination of children for MRI and PET. Special methods allowed to determine the amount of glucose at different stages of development. To a certain period even for an expert it is difficult to determine the age of the baby in appearance: it is necessary to start from the data of mental development and bone age.

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Previously, scientists believed that the maximum amount of energy necessary for the child at birth, it turned out, this judgment was erroneous. "Energy" peak 4-5 years, when the brain consumes up to 65% of the total energy of the body. It is in 4-5 years is the basic process of the formation of connections between neurons and formed the basic concepts.

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