Scientists have explained why jokes about fat people never lose their relevance

Jokes about fat people get on the radio, in movies and on TV every day. Experts from the University Bowling green state tried to explain why this subject for such a long time does not lose its relevance. Volunteers in the study had a show in which joked on the subject of excess weight, writes The Times of India.

Jokes were standard. Comedians screen ridiculed lazy fat people, stupid and unattractive. It turned out that the more people believe in these stereotypes, the funnier it seems the humor. A similar relationship is observed in relation to sex discrimination.

Interestingly, in real life most of the volunteers were treated to a full people with respect. Even overweight people could heartily laugh at his ailment. Forming opinions through the media helped to create a funny image funny fat man that will always be relevant, scientists say.

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