Scientists have explained the principle of operation of the hunger hormone

According to RIA FederalPress was promulgated information on working with the FTO gene, which can cause obesity, heightened sense of smell, alcoholism, slow the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Gene FTO was discovered a few years ago, scientists from London. Initially, they determined that this gene cause constant hunger. Now, after a time, scientists can explain the phenomenon of gene and to explain how it works.

Volunteers for the study was the number of men. Initially, scientists had to figure out the number in the body of the gene. Thus, in the presence of a single gene ghrelin (hunger hormone) is the probability of obesity equal to 49%, in the presence of two genes, the probability increases to 70%.

Ghrelin levels in direct proportion depends on the application of food. If the person has not been eating, the level of hunger hormone increases after meals ghrelin decreases. However, if a person attended two hormones, ghrelin levels remained high and after a meal, which stimulated to not stop the desire to eat.

The winners of the hunger hormone prefer eating more fatty food, resulting in obesity. Scientists say that the feeling of hunger can be treated with physical exercise. As the most common exercises used running and Cycling.

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