Scientists have explained how the brain learns by his own mistakes

Some people believe that they never make mistakes. But scientists do not agree with this position. The human brain constantly makes mistakes and constantly learning from them. Now known the mechanism of this process, writes The Daily Mail.

The first system of teaching – learning avoidance. Having a negative experience, the brain no longer tries to confront him. The second mechanism is to study the reinforcement when the correct action is reinforced by the positive experience or reward.

In this respect, the human brain is not much different from the animal brain. Methods of training and taming various animality based on positive and negative experiences.

The study involved 28 people at the age of 26. Scientists asked them questions, correct answers volunteers received the money, but for the wrong – 've lost them. Brain scans showed that the most effective training occurred errors. We even managed to define a separate region, responsible for the system of reward – the ventral striatum. The other part, the Insula, the proportion of the brain, according to experts, "teaches" people to avoid unpleasant experience.

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