The usual laws of physics explain the mechanism of formation of the convolutions of the brain. Gyrus is not all animals. It is believed that this kind of "seal" it has appeared it is necessary that the brain could accommodate more information and get faster access to it. Scientists conducted an experiment, has created three-dimensional model and found out what causes wrinkles. The results of the experience tells the publication Zee News.

The porous material scientists put into the solvent. As a result, one material layer were swollen, and the other remained unchanged. So in the experiment received a piece of the sponge, strongly resembling the structure of the brain with convolutions.

And all the matter in the following. Folds formed when one part of the sponge was growing, and the second in size was not changed. The same thing happens with the brain during its formation. However, in this case an additional role is played by the pressure of the skull which also helps in the appearance of crinkles.

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