Scientists have established a link between position during sleep and happiness in the marriage relationship

An interesting study was conducted by specialists within the framework of the Edinburgh international science festival. Scientists have studied the features of joint dream within the marital relationship and came to certain conclusions.

It turned out that most lived happily couples who sleep near each other, when the distance between the partners is less than seven inches. Sleep away (more than 70 centimeters between spouses) often accompanied by dissatisfaction in the relationship.

According to the survey, 86% of couples, sleeping next to each other, believed that their relationship is quite warm and trusting. Those who kept a distance during sleep, only 66% of cases were confident in your partner.

Draws attention to the fact that 42% of couples sleep back to back, only 4% prefer to sleep facing each other. Scientists have found that the vast majority of people (94%), sleeping close to it, and have a perfect relationship.

In the study involved more than a thousand people.

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