Scientists have established a link between chronic periodontitis and impotence

According to the results of research by Turkish scientists from the University Inon gum disease in the future may lead to problems with potency. Therefore, all men when tooth brushing is recommended to pay attention to bleeding gums.

In a comparative study involved two groups. First, the control, consisted of 82 participants who have problems with erection was absent. The second group consisted of 80 men suffering from impotence. The average age of participants was approximately 35-37 years.

In the selection process scientists were excluded volunteers, which saw a variety of systemic diseases, as well as smokers, because Smoking contributes significantly to problems with erection.

According to research results, 53% of participants suffering from impotence, was inflamed periodontal tissue and was diagnosed with chronic periodontitis. The volunteers in the control group, this figure was 23 percent. Subject to certain factors (including body mass index, level of education and material well-being), researchers concluded that men with chronic periodontitis suffer from the problems with potency, often in 3,29 times compared with those without such a diagnosis is missing.

According to Dr. Faith Oguz, studies have shown that the disease is chronic periodontitis can cause systemic vascular disease that can cause erectile problems. Researchers have suggested the need to visit the dentist in the treatment of impotence.

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