Scientists have equated Facebook addiction to narcotic

Scientists have compared the dependence of social networks with drug dependence. Only in the study was a survey of 292 students over the age of 18 years. Volunteers talked about their attitude to social networks network activity. 9 out of 10 people who use Facebook often. 30% of the time surfing the Internet has been communicating with online friends and watching the news.

Nearly 70% connected notification messages on your smartphone, reports Business Standard. 10% of the students could not control his own time to chat in Facebook. Part succumbed to uncontrollable emotions. These symptoms talk about Internet addiction, which by mechanisms similar to drug addiction.

Drugs artificially increase the production of happy hormones. As a result, man becomes a slave of the one substance. Similar mechanisms are used by the creators of social networks, developers beneficial to the user spent on the site the maximum amount of time. Not everyone may realize that he had fallen into a trap. So in psychiatry every year more frequently observed in patients with gaming and Internet addiction.

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