Scientists have dispelled ten common myths about cancer

February 4 - day struggle with cancer. Task oncologists is not only the treatment and prevention of neoplastic processes, and dispelling myths about the disease. Edition Health India has published ten most common misconceptions.

1. Cancer is incurable. The state of modern medicine can cure most cancers, early diagnosis is almost a 100% guarantee of successful treatment.

2. Cancer cannot be controlled. Scientists do not agree with this judgment. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet produce an excellent effect.

3. The absence of genetic predisposition - full guarantee of the absence of cancer. Genetic relationship is traced only in 5-10% of diseases.

4. Cancer is caused by deodorants and antiperspirant. Deodorants provoke bronchial asthma and allergic reactions. Their contribution to the development of tumors of the minor.

5. Pain is the main symptom. Often the tumor is not accompanied by significant pain. Except for tumors of the nervous tissue.

6. Water from plastic bottles cause cancer. This fact is not proved. Plastic undergoes a multi-stage treatment and safe water storage.

7. Chemotherapy causes the body more harm than the tumor itself. One of the most dangerous misconceptions. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the two main methods of cancer treatment. No treatment inevitably leads to death.

8. Sunscreen protects against skin cancer. Partly this statement is true. However, the cream only protect from UV radiation.

9. 1-2 cigarettes a day will not increase the risk of cancer. The difference between two and 20 cigarettes per day minimum.

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10. Radio waves from mobile devices increase the risk of developing brain cancer. Quite popular judgment, which was confirmed in one of the papers. However, the scientific community does not believe that mobile devices are capable of so much influence on the nervous system.

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