Scientists have discovered why the leaders are popular

Experts from Peking University, the max Planck society and academia in the USA and the EU gathered volunteers with leadership qualities and tried in the survey to establish that helped them gain social weight in the eyes of others. Participants were divided by gender, each group completed a study of the activity limbed brain.

The brain of a leader like a radio that can quickly tune into the conversation. The ability to adapt quickly in a conversation, scientists believe, has a decisive importance in the formation of leadership qualities.

Scientists compare the brain of a true leader with a chameleon. When scanning revealed the activity of brain regions that are activated in your opponent that you are communicating. Thus, the brain of a leader copies the brain of a normal person.

Mobility and flexibility allow us to quickly solve the most complex challenges on a daily basis to expand your social circle and subtly manipulate people to achieve personal goals.

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