Scientists have discovered why diets are ineffective in the fight against obesity

Recently, American scientists from the University of Michigan conducted a study aimed at establishing the causes rapid recovery reset in the diets pounds.

Tests were subjected to laboratory animals. It was found that the longer the mice were observed overweight, the greater the probability of irreversibility of this condition.

During the experiment was analyzed new model that takes into account the programmed obese mice. It is possible to track the process of successful weight loss, corresponding to different stages and different age, with the "switch" kind of genetic switch controlling the hunger.

The results of the study showed that in mice at a young age had normal weight, he successfully continued and after included this conditional "switch". At the same time animals at a young age suffering from obesity, have never been able to restore normal weight even while reducing power and increasing their physical activity.

In comments to the obtained results, the researchers pointed out that the process of obesity, it is important to regulate in childhood in order to prevent uncontrolled consequences caused by this disease in adulthood.

The study explains the difficulties that the majority of adults, try using diet and exercise to control significant weight loss.

According to scientists, if the person has long been preserved obesity, then at some point something like this happens the switch "switch" that makes flashing the level of "normal" weight.

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According to scientists, they do not know the specific mechanism of this phenomenon and to study them further investigations are required.

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