Scientists have discovered the secret of happiness

Scientists during the whole period of the existence of science are trying to install, what happiness is. While a full answer to this question does not exist. However, a research group from Stanford University tried and lifted the veil of secrecy on this issue. It appears that the person feels a sense of happiness when helping another person.

After conducting a series of experiments, scientists came to the conclusion that the person giving much happier who are accustomed only to get away from life's gifts. Thus, altruism makes you feel better, some scientists suggest that volunteering even increase life expectancy.

However, there is one condition. Before the start of the steps necessary to deliver a specific task or goal. It is the fulfillment of the goals brings real satisfaction. A special pleasure, the researchers note, deliver tasks associated with helping other people.

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Try, razveselit or make just smile his friends today. So you will get all the portion of happiness and give it to others!

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