Scientists have discovered the relationship of hormones of the human brain with the development of intellectual abilities

The Daily Mail revealed the results of new research of the scientific staff of the Medical school of Yale University. Scientists came to the conclusion that responsible for getting pleasure and reward hormone dopamine, is directly correlated with the level of development of intellectual abilities. In this research data confirmed differences in development of the dopamine system in humans and monkeys.

During the experiments, the scientists subjected to careful study and comparison 247 samples of tissue structures in brain of subjects from 6 people, 5 monkeys and 5 chimpanzees for the presence of genes employed in 16 brain areas. As a result, most part of the studied areas showed no visible distinguishing features. Significantly different structure of the neocortex, accumulating the most important functional features, and also a striped structure of the bodies responsible for the development of abilities to make decisions and earn rewards.

Experts have identified increased efficiency in the human brain of two enzymes: tirosingidroksilazy and DOPA-decarboxylase. In addition, 1.5% of the neurons present in the striatum of the human brain, produces dopamine, which is 3 times higher than the corresponding figures of monkeys. Scientists have not yet found the explanation of the results, however, clearly a role of dopamine in the intellectual development of mankind.

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