Scientists have discovered the mechanism by which our brain travels into the past

Every meaningful sense and experience in the human brain on a separate cell. This sorting mechanism is American scientists called the system of "tags", by which a person recalls a distant events and can endure from again.

For all the memories in our brain responds mid-parietal share a brain. The front part of the lobe helps us to remember events that occurred recently, rear - a deep dive into distant memories.

Each event in the brain marked a special temporary "tag". Due to this, the Bank memories in humans similar to an entire database with the ability to get any event under certain conditions. In some cases, a "tag" associated with another. So we get the whole chain of events linked by a common idea.

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Understanding these mechanisms is very important for studying the brain. The discovery will help to better understand the causes of Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and methods of their treatment.

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