Scientists have discovered the genes responsible for the aggressiveness of man

Experts from Montreal has established a link between genes and aggressive human behavior. Just was analyzed 1400 students aged 17-18 years. The researchers concluded that genes create a background for antisocial behavior and unjustified aggression.

Was discovered the enzyme MAO-A, which provides energy for the operation of neurotransmitters. The most aggressive young people have experienced domestic violence and had pathologically functioning of the enzyme MAO-A. Thus, the genes and the process of development in children's increase was the same background for the behavior of an adult.

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Also, scientists have discovered a gene (BDNF). Reduced its expression of aggression of man in society, his inclination to violence and inappropriate behavior. A role, scientists believe, is the vector of serotonin 5-HTTLPR. Its reduced activity also leads people to a life of crime.

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