Scientists have discovered the gene responsible for intelligence

American scientists from the University of California (San Francisco) conducted a study, which made it possible to identify the gene responsible for the level of intelligence of a person.

Den Dubal, Professor and head of research, reports that during the laboratory tests was found protein cloto". This connection increases the IQ of a person six points, regardless of his age. Discovery, scientists believe, will allow us to approach the treatment of Alzheimer's disease on the other hand.

Cloto increases brain activity through the strengthening of neural connections, which accelerates the momentum transfer on the fibers. Also installed: people whose genome has one copy of the gene cloto", live longer than those who have two variants of this gene. The second group of people there is an increased risk of death in heart attack. Scientists suggest that only one gene cloto increases average intelligence.

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Note that the main part of the IQ of a person depends on his level of education and commitment to learning a new and unexplored.

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