Scientists have discovered the danger of one of the most popular diets

One of the most popular diets – the ketogenic, criticized the experts. This diet, according to experts, has only a temporary positive result. Moreover, scientists suspect that such a diet can harm the body.Ketogenic diet refers to the food type, providing a low carbohydrate, moderate protein intake and high fat intake.An experiment conducted on mice by the staff of the Washington and Yale universities have identified serious harm to health. Scientists managed to establish that the negative effect supersedes the positive in a week. The researchers believe that negative as a positive impact, have a relationship with the activity of gamma-Delta T-cells.

The latter is usually attributed to immune cells, belonging to the group of lymphocytes that serve to protect the tissues and reduce inflammation and the risk of developing diabetes.Thus, the fall in the body of glucose, caused by low intake of carbs, the process of burning fat, followed by the formation of ketone bodies. the Last alternative source of energy. So, in the process of burning throughout the body are distributed gamma-Delta T-cells, in connection with which there is an acceleration of metabolism. However, a week after a positive result it was possible to fix that rodents consume a greater amount of fat than necessary. Fat not had time to burn, which accumulated and caused problems with obesity and diabetes.

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