Scientists have discovered that water actually is not complete substance

To such conclusions experts led a series of studies of normal water having room temperature. In the process it became clear that in its composition contains two absolutely different on a number of physical properties of liquid (in particular, different indicators of viscosity and density). In the process of cooling had formed two different factions ice.

It is also noted that the academia was able to figure out what coupling processes in the hydrogen atoms are quite capable to pass simultaneously in two liquid States, while freely moving from one to another.

About the validity of these hypotheses is eloquently evidenced by the fact that the so-called atmospheric ice may take the form of both low and high densities.

In addition, recent experiments allow the conclusion that the so-called high-energy photons upon impact with the water molecules has changed its trajectory to the size of corresponding angles.

This helped the researchers to formulate a conclusion about the serious impact of abnormally high temperatures at the transition of significant amounts of atmospheric ice in the form of liquid with high density.

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