Scientists have discovered simple rules for productivity

Researchers from the UK analyzed data from 83 studies on the health of people and the factors that affect productivity within the working day. According to the results managed to compile a list of simple rules.

Scientists recommend to do exercises every morning. This will give the body energy for the first half of the day. 30 minutes before Breakfast you should drink a glass of water with a small amount of lemon juice to the stomach and intestines started working after sleep. Even scientists do not suggest that you turn on the TV, to surf the Internet and watch the news before the first meal. The Breakfast itself must be saturated with slow carbohydrates, ideal milk porridge, muesli with yogurt.

The plan for the whole working day to be better at the beginning and take each case on a specified time. The morning it should deal with the most difficult tasks, leaving the evening small business.

If you follow the list of simple rules and monitor their effectiveness, you can achieve great results, the researchers said.

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