Scientists have discovered genes seasickness

The marine nature of the disease still remains a subject for discussion and research. One theory is that the disease is inherited and is caused by impairment in the coordinated functioning of the organ of vision and signals in the part of the brain responsible for balance. For the first time since the pathology encountered when traveling by sea. That is why the disease is called sea. Before scientists were able to detect a number of genes that cause the development of sea-sickness. Data provided by the journal Human Molecular Genetics.

According to statistics, every third person is experiencing discomfort during prolonged and monotonous motion sickness. The chance of transmission of sea sickness inherited is 70%. Scientists have found 35 genes that cause dizziness and determining the propensity for seasickness.

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Interestingly, the detected genetic factors also influence the risk of developing migraine syndrome and postoperative nausea and vomiting. Further study will help scientists better understand the nature of a number of pathologies and help in the search for modern tools to treat them.

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