Scientists have discovered brain cells that cause the feeling of loneliness

Experts from the University of Massachusetts found in the brain of mice group of cells responsible for the sense of loneliness. On the opening tells the publication Cell.

All mammals have the need to build social ties. That's why scientists decided to study the anatomy of the brain of mice. If their brain were able to find neurons that cause loneliness, in humans such cells also exist, experts say.

The discovery was made by accident. The scientists looked at how drugs affect the cells of the dorsal suture of the nucleus. This area of the brain is poorly understood and information on the intricacies of her work is almost there.

In the study, scientists noticed that when a joint stay in animals were decreased activity in the dorsal suture of the nucleus. Activity is greatly increased when the mouse was alone in a cage. Apparently, similar processes occur in the human brain.

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