Scientists have discovered and described 33 gene associated with the development of autism

Autism is a fairly common disease that is associated with pathology of the nervous system. According to the latest data every 68 child has symptoms of autism. Of the main symptoms - unsociability, difficulties with communication and training. Note, autism is difficult to consider as a typical disease. With the right approach a child with autism can perfectly adapt to the environment.

Scientists have found 33 new gene associated with disease development, writes Science World Report. Each gene is the result of a global analysis, consisting of a handle 14 thousand DNA of children with symptoms of autism, their parents and healthy children. 33 gene responsible for DNA component of the development of pathology. In addition to genetics, the occurrence of the disorder is influenced by factors external and internal environment.

The next step, scientists will try to associate each gene with separate processes. Given the development of genetics, has all the chances to reduce the frequency of occurrence of the disease.

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